Muskegon River Fishing Report – April 3, 2023 – Newaygo, Michigan

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Bill got himself a nice “dropback” steelhead the other day.

The Muskegon river spring steelhead run is in full swing now and we’re going to be pursuing them and resident Rainbow and Brown trout, through most of May, then we’ll be switching to PRIME DRY FLY fishing for trout, come the end of May.

The recent weather that brought heavy rains, also brought river levels up again, which is great, now we just need water temperatures to come up a few degrees this week. Levels are currently in the 5,000 cfs range, which means “bring more anchor” if you’re using a boat and river temperatures still hovering around the 40 degree mark.

With bothg fly fishing and light spin tackle, we’re going after pre-spawn steelhead and finding them in certain pools and runs not far from spawning grounds.

One thing for ALL to be aware of if going out on their own or getting in their boat, a friends or a guides, is the safety factor being brought into question at times, with people operating their boat terribly …..I can’t find a better word ! We were passed at high speed yesterday and within 20 yards of our anchored boat, which is illegal. Worse part was that we were parked within about 40 yards of shore and the river at that point, is almost 200 yards wide….hmmm.

Lastly, if any are considering getting out for some walk in-wade fishing on their own and would like some feedback on locations, rigging, etc., feel free to call or email me – 616-560-3195.
Not much for open steelhead dates until mid May, touch base if you would like to talk about a steelhead – trout combo trip for that time of spring…..can be fun targeting steelhead in the morning and then fishing trout for a couple 2-3 hours after lunch.

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