Muskegon River Steelhead Fishing Report – November 15, 2021 – Newaygo, Michigan

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Muskegon River Steelhead Fishing Report – November 15, 2021 – Newaygo, Michigan

Ian from PA with a nice, chrome Muskegon river steelhead caught the other day.

The Muskegon river steelhead fishing report for November 15, 2021 in the Newaygo, Michigan area is centered around the fall and early winter steelhead run.  With some more typical late fall/early winter weather having arrived recently, and with some long overdue rains, river levels have come up a bit in recent days.  Click HERE for current Muskegon river water flow data.

Considered by many to be the Grand Prize of great lakes big game fish, some steelhead come into the Muskegon river in the fall to feed on loose salmon eggs from spawning or recently spawned Chinook salmon, as well as insects that get kicked up during the salmon spawn.

With both fly fishing and conventional equipment, we target likely runs with various egg and insect imitations and for those interested in swinging flies, swing streamers on sinking or sink tip fly lines.

Although not a real big steelhead run up to this point, there are steelhead in most all stretches of the Muskegon river, from Croton dam down near Muskegon itself.  The change in weather recently should help bring more steelhead in from lake Michigan.  The cloudy days are preferred over bright and sunny days.  Click HERE for current and forecasted weather for the Newaygo, Michigan area.

Keys to creating opportunities to do battle with one of these fall “chrome bullets”, is to fish effectively and quickly, to correctly cover as many runs as possible throughout the day.

Should any be considering a full or half day outing yet this year, touch base and we can talk in more detail – 616-560-3195.

Good fishing….!



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