Muskegon River Fishing Report – Newaygo, MI – May 30, 2015

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Muskegon River Fishing Report – Newaygo, MI

Muskegon river mayfly

One of the several key mayflies for the Muskegon river, the Isonychia.

The Muskegon river near Newaygo, MI is presently running a little above average flows, after having come up quite a bit and quickly at that, this past Thursday.  Flows have dropped some over the last day+, is presently in the 2500 cfs range and in good shape overall as we close the books on May.

Insect activity is picking up daily, with afternoon-evening  Cinnamon Caddis and Sulphur emergence, flights and spinner falls getting resident Rainbow and Brown trout to “lo0k up”.  We are fishing them with 4-6 weight rods, 9-12′ leaders, tapered down to 5 or 6 x (3.5-4.5# test).  Emerging caddis patterns by themselves, or with a pupa “dropper” is a good choice mid to late afternoon as Caddis activity increases, as would be a Sulphur emerger, with a nice “dun” pattern close by for late afternoon-early evening Sulphur emergence.

Most all of the migratory suckers are done spawning, however resident Rainbow and Brown trout are still congregating around spawning riffles.  The random Steelhead can be found here and there over the next week or so, but that’s pretty typical for this time of year on the Muskegon river.

 Streamer fishing has been fair – good on any given day, but low light-overcast is always the best.   We’re using 5-7 weight rods, with 200-250 grain sink lines, such as the Teeny and Orvis Depth Charge lines.  Both resident Rainbow and Brown trout are being caught, as well as some pretty nice Smallmouth bass.  Indicator nymph fishing  with 4-6 weight rods, 9-10′ in length, leaders tapered down to 5 or 6 x, during the morning and mid day will find fish before they key in on increasing insect activity, as hatches begin.

Present water temperature is hovering around 60, good for the onset of June.

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