Muskegon River Fishing Report – June 2, 2018 – Newaygo, Michigan

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Muskegon River Fishing Report – June 2, 2018 – Newaygo, Michigan

Muskegon river trout fishing

Anneka got this great Muskegon river Brown trout to take her dry fly after a good cast, mend, drift, hook set and BATTLE !!….nicely done young lady !

More “normal” late spring/early summer weather over the last couple days is the theme of the Muskegon river fishing report for early June.

After having endured a very extended streak of very hot, late May weather it looks like we’re in for a long overdue break.

With the warm weather we had settle in the Midwest for a while, it accelerated some of the insect hatches on the river and the fish have had plenty of food to choose from over the past week+.  Click HERE for the most recent weather forecast for the greater Muskegon area.

It has been a combination of wet and dry fly fishing over the last few days, with varying results from day to day.  Some of the late spawning suckers are still drawing resident Brown and Rainbow trout close to their spawning grounds, but this will be wrapping up soon.

Mid to late afternoon will find some Caddis and Sulphurs hatching and fish are targeting emergers, adults and spinners on any given day or time of day.  Come evening, we’re looking for Gray Drakes to fly and have a spinner fall that brings trout to the surface for great shots at quality fish…..but you MUST make them count.  Big trout don’t get big by being dumb and you may only get one shot at any given fish, before pressing on to find another to cast to.

Water levels dropped quite a bit today and the whole Consumers Energy topic specific to dam operation at the hydroelectric dam in Croton, has me scratching my head……..can someone tell me why it’s necessary to consistently drop river levels a LOT all at once at the Croton dam ????……I should remind myself to stop asking such questions as there is a LONG history of nonsense with that dam and the Consumers personnel who make such decisions.

On another note, we have Smallmouth bass starting to show up and get hungry and this will only improve in the weeks ahead….looking forward to a great mid/late June – mid August of chasing smallies !

With some mild weather in the coming days, we should see river conditions stay about the same in levels and water temperatures.  For the most recent water flow information, click THIS link.

Present water levels around the 2000 cfs mark and temperature in the 66-67 degree range.


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