Muskegon River Fishing Report – June 19, 2016

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Muskegon River Fishing Report – June 19, 2016


Muskegon river smallmouth bass

A GREAT topwater Smally for Joe !

Muskegon river fishing report – Muskegon river north of Grand Rapids is running below average flows at this time, with most recent readings around 1500 cfs, with averages in the 2000 range.

We are coming into a time of transition on the Muskegon river, as fishing for resident Rainbow and Brown trout, will give way to pursuing Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike through the end of August……however, trout fishing isn’t over yet !

As we get into the tail end of June, we’ll see the last of our significant hatches occur in the afternoon and early evening, starting with Caddis, followed by Sulphurs, then Gray Drakes and Isoynychia’s.  Cloudy days will find some BWO’s coming off and we’re starting to see more terrestrials, flying ants are on the trouts menu !

With both fly fishing and light spin tackle gear, fishing for multiple species of fish is a given for this time of early summer.  As we approach July, river temperatures will warm up and I will be fishing several stretches of the Muskegon river and the impoundments in between each. 

We will probably see some Skamania Steelhead work their way up the river very soon, as conditions on lake Michigan the last few days have been “right” for prompting this mid summer migratory fish to enter some west Michigan rivers.  We don’t see a lot of them in the Muskegon river, but enough to have the right equipment on board to fish select pools or runs where they’re likely to hold. 

Present water temperature in the 65-66 degree range.

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