Muskegon River Fishing Report – July 31, 2016

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Muskegon River Fishing Report – July 31, 2016

Muskegon river Smallmouth bass

Steve, from west Michigan, with a chunky Muskegon river Smallmouth bass that took a late afternoon topwater fly.

Muskegon river fishing report for July 31, 2016 is all about Smallmouth bass fishing on the Muskegon river north of Grand Rapids.

As the heart of summer rolls in, we’re at the warmest water temperatures of the year and this means active Smallmouth bass….and even the occasional Northern Pike, depending on what stretch of the river we’re fishing any given day.

With both fly fishing and light spin tackle setups, we’re fishing topwater poppers and waking flies/lures, as well as subsurface imitations of baitfish, crayfish and some crazy colored “attractor” patterns.

Muskegon river smallmouth bass

Mark, from Bloomington, IN, with a Muskegon river Smallmouth bass from our outing this morning.

The best topwater is usually low light conditions in general, early morning or mid/late evening.  There has been no go to color or pattern, but white, yellow, green, black and red have all produced fish as of late.  I think it’s just as much about how you “fish it”, as what color you’re fishing. 

Subsurface offerings fished around big boulders, gravel bar drop offs, weed lines and submerged lumber is getting the attention of fish.   The rate of retrieval, regardless of if it’s a fly or lure, is critical in getting fish to come out of their “lie” and chase down your fly or lure.

With a fairly tame forecast for the next week+, we should have some good weather to enjoy while in pursuit of the ‘ol Bronzebacks on the Muskegon river.

Present water temperature is in the 73-74 degree range in the Newaygo area.



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