Fishing Report – November 20, 2014

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Mike, from west MI, with an "epic battle" male steelhead caught on a recent Muskegon river steelhead outing.

Mike, from west MI, with an “epic battle” male steelhead caught on a recent Muskegon river steelhead outing.

Muskegon River

The Muskegon river near Newaygo, MI is feeling the affects of “old man winter” real early this year, with late December conditions arriving the third week in November and sticking around longer than we would like !!

Fishing up near Newaygo for fall run steelhead has been fair at best due to low and clear water conditions.  Some fish are holding up in the middle stretches of the river between Newaygo and Muskegon itself, but getting to that area has been tricky due to real heavy snowfall as of late.  Water temperatures have dropped in recent days from our very chilly days…and even colder nights, but some relief is in sight.

The forecast for the coming days may bring warmer day and night time temperatures, helping those steelhead that are sticking in the river, the time to acclimate a bit better to changing conditions.

We’ve been fishing for fall steelhead with both fly gear and light spin tackle when beneficial or nearly a necessity due to wind, snow….you get the picture !  Fly fishing options include swinging flies with sinking or sink tip lines on both single handed rods and 2 handed rods for spey casting.  Floating line and indicator rigs work well when conditions allow and one is able to get good casts, with equally as good mends in their line, to get the best drift possible.  Deeper runs are best fished with chuck-n-duck gear.

Present water temperature in the 37-40 degree range throughout much of the river system below Croton dam, with temps higher closer to the dam itself.


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