Fishing Report – June 29, 2014

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Nick, from west Michigan, with a nice Muskegon river Rainbow trout that took a swung wet fly.


Muskegon River

The Muskegon river near Newaygo, MI is running a little above average for this time of early summer, but in good condition overall.

We have some day time cinnamon#16  Caddis hatching, as well as#18-22  BWO’s on cloudy days and # 16 & 18 Sulphurs in the afternoon-early evening.   It’s truly a mixed bag of bugs right now, with some evident most days, but none being dominant.  Some #12 Gray Drakes are flying and providing a spinner fall right at dark, but that’s coming to a close.  We’re seeing some #10 Isonychia’s early evening-dusk as well, but nothing strong enough to bring trout up on a regular basis.

Smallmouth Bass fishing will be coming on strong over the next week+ as water temperatures begin to warm and reach that magical 70 degree mark.  Come that time, we’ll be chasing them with both fly gear and light spin tackle.  Including top water poppers and “chuggers”, as well as streamers in the form of baitfish, crayfish and other attractor type patterns, cast on sink tip lines with fly gear.


Pere Marquette River

The Pere Marquette river between Baldwin and Ludington, MI is running a bit above average flows due to the recent rains that have come through most of Michigan over the past handful of days.  The lower river is still a bit stained, but will be clearing once we get a break from the rains.  The upper river is clearing now and should have better visibility in the next day or so.

With water having come up in levels and down in clarity the last 4-5 days, streamer fishing was the technique of choice..   Most were awaiting the arrival of big bugs……the much anticipated Hex hatch and it’s here !!!  Good flights of bugs were reported the last couple nights, the warm muggy days and evenings have helped and will continue to do so if we can avoid the rain.  Water temperature in the mid 60’s in the middle river, low 60’s in the upper stretch.

Manistee River

The Manistee river above Tippy Dam is running a little above average for this time of early summer due the rains that have come through this past week or so.  Hatches that are getting fish include Brown and Gray Drakes, Sulphurs, a mix of Caddis and the Hex hatch is  coming on stronger now.  Day time fishing includes some streamers when the river has tea stain to it or large,  top water attractors-stimulator fly patterns.  Water temperature in the mid 60’s.

The Manistee river below Tippy Dam is also running  a bit above average flows at this time.  A mixed bag of some caddis up by the dam will get some fish to look up, but the river quickly turns to a good smallmouth fishery come July, so that will be the focus of many fishing below Tippy in the weeks ahead.  Skamania steelhead will show up soon with any downward spike in lake MI water temps in the near future.  Water temperature in the mid 60’s.


White River

The White river near Hesperia MI is running a little above average due to rains that came through most of Michigan the past week.  Resident trout fishing has been pretty good for those venturing down the White.  Insect activity includes some Caddis hatches at this time, as water levels and temperatures remain in much better shape than typical for late June. 


Rogue River

The Rogue river near Rockford, MI is running above average flows at this time due to the rains that hit the greater Grand Rapids area in recent days.  Due to large fluctuations in levels, the Rogue has fished either well or poorly…no in between as of late.  Hatches that have trout looking up include Caddis, Sulphurs and Gray Drakes.  The upper Rogue, upstream from the dam in Rockford, will see more Hex flights and spinner falls in the days ahead.  Water temperature in the mid 60’s.


Grand River

The Grand river near Grand Rapids is running high and very dirty….chocolate milk like !  Once it settles down, warm water species such as Smallmouth bass, Walleye, Northern Pike and various panfish will keep anglers busy.  The Grand is predominantly a bass and pike river come summer time, but various other fish swim those waters, including Alligator Gar Pike, Catfish, Sheephead, Carp and more.  Water temperature in the Grand around the 70 degree mark.


Flat River

The Flat river near Lowell, MI is running above average flows due to the rains that came through most of the Midwest in recent days.  The quarry of choice for anglers fishing the flat in summer are Smallmouth bass, as well as Carp.  Fished for with both fly gear and light spin tackle, the intimate size of the Flat make is a great choice to get away for a few hours of fishing.  From Fallasburg Park down to the mouth at the Grand river in Lowell, the Flat has ample water for easy wade fishing.  Water temperature of the Flat around 70 at this time.



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