Fishing Report – July 2, 2014

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Muskegon river Smallmouth bass

Muskegon river Smallmouth bass



~Muskegon River~

Consistent rains over the past week+ is keeping the Muskegon river near Newaygo, MI running above average flows for this time of summer.  This has been the theme over the last month and the river is in great shape as we get into the heart of the summer season.  Present flows in the 2100 cfs range.

Trout fishing for resident Brown and Rainbow trout is still producing fish daily, with some afternoon Caddis hatches providing dry fly opportunities.  Nymph fishing with floating line and indicator and swinging wet flies both with and without sink tips, are also bringing fish to hand.  Cloudy days will find some BWO’s coming off  and afternoon-early evening Isonychia emergence  is picking up.  We’re still seeing some Sulphurs popping later in the afternoon as well. 

Smallmouth bass fishing is picking up and will only improve as water temperatures climb.  Low light topwater action with poppers and sliders will get fish looking up and mid day is best fished subsurface with sinking or sink tip lines, casting baitfish, crayfish and general attractor patterns.

Present water temperature fluctuating between 67-69 degrees.


~Pere Marquette River~

The buzz from Lake and Mason counties is all about THE HEX !

Warmer day and night temperatures the last handful of days has brought the big mayflies of summer out on the Pere Marquette river between Baldwin and Ludington, MI. 

All other fish take a back seat to this short marvel of fishing in northern Michigan rivers that host not only the Hexagenia Limbata, but also the LARGE trout that seek them out during this 2-3 week spectacle each summer.

Most fishing is done between Upper Branch and Custer access sites.  The river can be busy come this time of year, so play nice…!

Present water temperature in the low 60’s in the upper river and mid to upper 60’s in the middle section of the river.


~Manistee River~

The upper Manistee river is in full Hex mode as well now and will be for the next couple weeks.

Day time fishing is rather slow and will be as long as the big bugs are around.  Fish are able to get their fill at night and be lazy during the day.

Consistent rains have kept the upper Manistee running higher and cooler than normal, but things should come together after this mild front moves through this weekend.

Present water temperature in the mid 60’s.

~Grand River~

The Grand river between Grand Haven and Portland, MI  is still running high and off color due to the rains that came through west Michigan the last few days.

Warm water species dominate in the summer, with Smallmouth bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, Carp and  Catfish being the most common fish on the end of ones line during the summer.  Smaller panfish are present in the shallows, off the main current.

At some point over the next month, we will see some Skamania steelhead enter the system and find their way to cooler tributaries that they will call home for summer.

Present water temperature in the upper 60’s.

~White River~

The White river near Hesperia, MI is running higher than average due to recent rains, but will drop to normal flows relatively soon.

Resident trout are still being targeted with cooler than normal water temperatures for early July, but this will change with the next warm front that brings water temps back up to near 70. 

~Flat River~

The Flat river near Lowell, MI is running higher than normal due to recent rains, but it too will drop quickly over the next few days.

Smallmouth bass are the fish being targeted most by anglers fishing the Flat this time of summer.

They can be pursued with both floating line, as well as floating line with a sink tip, casting streamers around structure, shelves, troughs and boulder runs.

Baitfish and crayfish imitations work best right now, but once the Hex’s start popping on the Flat, fishing dry flies to rising smally’s is a good option as well.



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